New Perspectives in Interdisciplinary Cultural Heritage Studies...

New Perspectives in Interdisciplinary Cultural Heritage Studies...

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New Perspectives in Interdisciplinary Cultural Heritage Studies. Contributions of the European Students’ Association for Cultural Heritage in the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

Collection HERITAGE, n. 5

Scientific Editors: Alexandra de Carvalho Antunes, Marius Müller

Foreword Messages: Manuel Lacerda, Uwe Koch

CONTRIBUTORS: Aline Faiwichow Estefam, Ana Patricia Alho, António Cota Fevereiro, Athanasios Vlitas, Byron Alvarado Vanegas, Carlos Garcia de las Bayonas, Daniel Navas-Carrillo, David Jiménez López, Denise Fernandes Geribello, Hümeyra Şentürk, Jana Tempelmeier, Juan-Andrés Rodríguez-Lora, María de la Paloma Chacón Domínguez, Neus Crous-Costa, Nicole Gieser, Patrícia Ferrari, Rafael Lima, Şerife Özata, Teresa Pérez-Cano, Thomas Grosser 

ISBN: 978-989-99912-8-6

Edition: 12-2018

Publisher: MAZU PRESS

Idiom: English

Format: 15 x 23 cm

Pages: 282

Illustrations: 62 (grayscale)

Exclusive Sponsor: Mazutech R&D

Ref. PAT.5



Preface, by Alexandra de Carvalho Antunes and Marius Müller

Message from the Coordinator of the Working Group for the EYCH 2018 – DGPC (Portugal), by Manuel Lacerda

Message from the EYCH 2018 Coordinator for Germany, by Uwe Koch 


"City for Children Aged Seven to Twelve: Alternatives to Encouraging and Recognizing the Cultural Heritage Using Video Games", by Aline Faiwichow EstefamKeywords: Child Education; Cultural Heritage Education; Urban Appreciation.

"Challenges of Intangible Cultural Heritage Management in the Eyes of Young Professionals", by Elena Finariu, Carlos Garcia de las Bayonas. Keywords: EYCH; Intangible Cultural Heritage; Cultural Management; Young Professionals; Sustainable Safeguarding.

"Industrial and Archaeological Heritage Convergence. The Metros of Madrid, Athens, Rome and Istanbul", by David Jiménez López. Keywords: Archaeological Heritage; Heritage; Industrial Heritage; Madrid and Management. 

"The Kiss by René Lalique: a Celtic Love Story", by Patrícia Ferrari. Keywords: Art Nouveau; Celtic Culture; Jewellery; Literature; René Lalique; Tristan and Isolde.

"Sustainability of Rock Carving Techniques in the World Heritage Site, Cappadocia", by Şerife Özata. Keywords: Cappadocia; Local Masters; Material Characterization; Rock Carving Techniques; Rock-Cut Structure; Sustainability.

"The Historical Reenactment and the Living Museums: Other Ways of Teaching", by María de la Paloma Chacón Domínguez. Keywords: Change; Diffusion; Education; Living Heritage; New Tools.

"Effective Protection of Contemporary Heritage of Twentieth Century Architecture: The Case of Seville", by Juan-Andrés Rodríguez-Lora, Daniel Navas-Carrillo, Teresa Pérez-Cano. Keywords: Contemporary Heritage; Emerging Heritage; Historic City; Modern Movement; Seville; 20th Century Heritage.

"A City Full of Hidden European Gems – a Walk Through a Student´s Blog, by Nicole Gieser, Jana Tempelmeier, Thomas Grosser. Keywords: Münster; Heritage; Germany; Blog.

"The Azulejo (Tile) Work of Portuguese Painter José António Jorge Pinto During the Art Nouveau Period", by António Cota Fevereiro. Keywords: Art Nouveau; Azulejo; Jugendstil; Lisbon; Portugal.

"Tourism as a Path to (Re)Discover a Common European Identity. A Reflection on the Use of New Technologies", by Neus Crous-Costa, Byron Alvarado Vanegas. Keywords: Cultural heritage; Identity; Narratives; Technologies; Tourism.

"Geographical Information Systems as a Large-Spectre Tool for Cultural Heritage Use. Two Case studies", by Rafael Lima. Keywords: Braga; Geographical Information System (GIS); Reggio di Calabria; Cultural Heritage Management.

"Industrial Heritage Patrimonialization Process", by Denise Fernandes Geribello. Keywords: Cultural Heritage; Hydropower Plant; Industrial Heritage.

"Heritage Tourism as a Means of Conflict Resolution", by Athanasios Vlitas. Keywords: Culture; Tourism; Peace; Trauma; Attitudes.

"Integration of Architectural Heritage of Marrakech and Fez, Tourism and Social Media Impact", by Havva Merve Tuncer, Şerife Özata, Hümeyra Şentürk". Keywords: Architectural Heritage; Fez; Marrakech; Social Media; Tourism Development.

"The Water Architecture in the Real Building of Mafra: Actors of the Hydraulic Project", by Ana Patricia Alho. Keywords: Hydraulics; Military Engineers; Royal Palace; Water; 18th Century.

Decision (EU) 2017/864 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2017 on a European Year of Cultural Heritage (2018)

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